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Introducing Unzè The name on the high street

What is Unzè

Increasingly recognized as a brand of choice, both in the UK and internationally, Unzè is high fashion wear based on own label ladies, men’s 'footwear and matching accessories including a wide range of belts and bags. In addition to ladies evening wear, fashion, bridal and casual wear; there is also a range of children’s shoes.

A Solid Pedigree

Unzè London, a company established in 1989 by the Saleem family. The company first focused on retail, then over time, had developed a substantial wholesale business and a vast product range, supplying numerous retailers throughout the UK and internationally. Unzè London, has now started to expand in Pakistan due to the demand of the brand.

Building on a Successful Base

The name Unzè is becoming well known to the public. With 17+ retail stores and 15+ online stores operated by Unzè London. 16 retail stores and 3 online stores in Pakistan, 12 online stores and the flag ship retail store in UK, the Unzè brand has already developed a high reputation for fashion and service in Pakistan.

There’s No Such thing as ‘Too Many Shoes’

The Market

Whoever said, “Every woman is a would-be Imelda Marcos,” may have been overstating the case, but probably not by too much. The Pakistan market for ladies’ shoes is huge, especially for attractive shoes – shoes that women look good and feel good in – the very shoes that form the basis of the Unzè range.

Probably the best way to look at the ladies’ shoe market is to realise that if the right products are
available, they will always sell.

Facing the Competition

The footwear market is served by retailers at national, regional and local levels. However, it is a market that works on two levels – the conscious, “I need...” level and the impulse buy. A large proportion of the first of these relates to everyday, ‘sensible’ footwear. Impulse buys are often of the ‘must have’ variety. Such reaction may arise from window shopping or seeing a friend wearing something special (“Where did you buy those shoes?”) Unzè has a particular appeal to this market.

Do not however, assume that the “I need” market falls outside our scope. “I need shoes for a special occasion,” is a common cry, and increasingly Unzè is the name in Pakistan that pops into women’s’ heads at such a time. As more shops open, this is a factor that will increase.

The Unzè Advantage

You will obtain a feel for the products being offered by Unzè from the examples shown in the catalogue in this Franchise Prospectus. They are designed for all tastes, and while our target customer is mainly between 18-50 years, older ladies and men are frequent shoppers.

Unzè also enjoys many market advantages:

  • Our extensive market experience has taught us what sells. This helps enormously in getting the stock right from the start and updating the range to meet latest fashions at just the right times.
  • The brand has a customer following from 30 years +
  • The shops have a distinctive design and are sited in prime locations for both destination and passing-by shoppers

When our new Franchise Network is set up, these advantages will multiply:

  • The growing network of Unzè specialist shops will generate further brand power
  • Our website will help to drive customers to our Franchise owners shops
  • Our Franchise owners will enjoy considerable benefit from the increased activity that we plan to generate

The Unzè Franchise

Wishing to extend the growth of the Unzè concept, initially Pakistan-wide, but with a view to further international expansion, the Saleem family has identified Franchising as its business building method of choice. Unzè Franchising has been specifically created as a vehicle for this.

Why Franchising?

It was not a difficult decision. Franchising is a partnership creating a Win / Win / Win situation for Franchisor, Franchise owner and Customer alike. The statistics speak for themselves. Franchising has been proven to be the safest, most rapid, and most cost effective business expansion system in operation.

What does a Franchise Offer Us?

As the Franchisor, we know we will be able to find Franchisees who will be totally committed to making our overall business a success. Every investor will be encouraged to lay solid foundations after one year, consider the second location. Ideally building up to a four or five store portfolio. Their degree of success will be governed by their own commitment and hard work. What better type of partner could there be? Franchisors and Franchise owners all committing time, money and effort in a joint venture to grow and prosper.

What Does an Unzè Franchise Offer You?

You will have the opportunity of examining the business in great detail before being involved to join us. Plus, there is the reassurance of knowing that our retail concept has been in the market for 30 years, with a product and brand name already well-established and growing in the market place. Add to this a comprehensive business system – developed, refined and perfected, no wonder it’s a proven fact that a franchised business stands a higher chance of success than any new stand-alone business.

What do the Customers Gain?

Reassurance! Customers enjoy dealing with a Franchise owner locations. Buying from an internationally known brand that offers local care, attention and accountability, promotes trust. It’s a winning formula for success.

Why an Unzè Franchise?

For the benefits already explained, plus a few we haven’t mentioned yet, most of which stem from the proven business system that has been developed and refined and is now ready to be passed on to our Franchise owner investors. Benefits such as:

  • our fully integrated Epos system that provides full stock control and an automatic re- ordering facility, ensuring stock security and that vital daily gross profit calculation
  • our stock maximization system that reduces stockholding levels, helping you to ensure you have the right stock at the right time

We will go through these areas in more detail at a later stage.

Your Own Unzè Business

This is a point worth stressing. As an Unzè Franchise owner you will be running your own retail business. Not working for a boss and not working for a salary. You will be the boss and the profits will be yours. You will also be a major factor in determining what those profits are. Unlike a stand-alone business however, you will have the backing of a successful organisation behind you – all the way.

Our Full Support Package

Like the products, an Unzè Franchise comes ready packaged as a ‘business in a box’ – we provide a complete turnkey solution covering every aspect of setting up and running the business. Meaning that as you don’t have to develop your own business systems as you go along, you can focus your efforts on promoting and developing sales.
Your package will include:

  • An Exclusive Territory
  • The rights to use the Unzè Trade Mark
  • The Unzè Know-How, Operating Methods and Systems
  • A Set of Business Manuals – covering every aspect of the business.
  • Everything that you need to succeed.

Training & Opening Support

We provide a full training programme covering all aspects of the Unzè business, from product knowledge through to business procedures and retail operations. Initial training will take place at our Head Office Training Centre, our Training Shop and in your own shop with your staff. As the business develops, additional training will be scheduled as necessary.

Initial Stock

You will be supplied with an opening stock of Unzè Shoes and Accessories, Display Stands etc. and Unzè Carrier Bags, plus business stationery and marketing materials including catalogues, posters and point of sale materials.


We will help you to ensure that your launch carries maximum local publicity. You will also benefit from our national promotion programmes and our corporate website.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can anticipate some of the questions you will probably have at this stage, and have attempted to answer them below.

Do I need to have a ‘passion for shoes?’

In a word – yes!. Business and retail experience will also be an advantage. The important factor however, is you and your ‘passion’ for shoes and success. Are you positive towards the Unzè concept? Do you have an eye for style and a feeling for appearance? Everything else will be covered within our training programme and as we build our own relationships.

Will I have my own territory?

Yes – it will be determined on business potential and will be exclusively yours.

Will I need to employ staff?

Yes. This is a Management Franchise, you will be encouraged to open more than one location in due course. Once you have succeeded in managing one location you should be capable of managing additional locations and this will enable you to grow the business with the knowledge that you will have obtained from the first store opening and become passionate about growing the Unze brand in your region. Should you however, wish to operate just the one location, that will be fine with us.

How will I find the right premises?

With help from our guidelines. We would expect you to find a suitable location that meets our criteria. This will be a location in a high street or large shopping centre. Then we need to approve the premises prior to acquisition.

What are the initial costs?

The cost of fitting out a location will depend upon its size and condition, however, an investment of between 35 to 40 million is likely to be required. This investment needs to be fully available in advance and would cover a full store package. This amount would normally cover, store fit-out, stock, Epos system, working capital etc.

How much can I expect to earn?

You should breakeven in the first 12 to 18 months. Thereafter, you should maintain high levels of profitability to recover the full investment by 3 - 5 years. We will go into greater detail when we meet. Your own determination to succeed will certainly play a major part in your earnings.

Will my business succeed?

We believe it should. We would do everything possible prior and after opening to ensure it’s a success as our success depends on your success. Even so, it’s worth noting, that in business nothing can be guaranteed. We will choose only those individuals we consider likely to succeed, provide them with our tried, tested and proven business format, and back them all the way. Provided that you have the passion for shoes and the drive to succeed, you should be able to achieve your lifetime ambitions with Unze.

So what is the Next Step?

Let’s assume you have asked yourself, “Could the Unzè Franchise be the business I have been searching for?”

This means that you appreciate:

  • The niche that Unzè has created the potential of our products and the success of our London shop
  • The full opportunity offered by Business Format Franchising and the mutual benefits that franchising provides.
  • The 30 years of experience with worldwide customer base
  • The additional security of joining a Franchise brand and business with a proven concept
  • The fact that you will own and operate your own business

Let’s assume that the thought of running your very own franchised Unzè business excites you.

Should this be the case, we would like to meet up with you to carry out our mutual evaluation of\ one another and consider the next steps.

In summary, we are looking for individuals who:

  • Possess that genuine desire to build and develop their own business
  • Feel confident about leading a team of staff
  • Like the idea of a business that means dealing with the public
  • Combine the drive to make a success of their own business with the ability to work as part of a team. 

Should you recognise yourself here, then you are the sort of person we are looking for. We’d like to hear from you so that we can start getting to know each other. The relationship between Franchisor and Franchise owner is necessarily a very close one. Could this be the beginning of a very special long term partnership?

The Next Step...

... Is to get together at an early opportunity for an exploratory meeting. With no obligation either way, we can then explain our Franchise opportunity in greater detail and answer those additional questions we know you will have. Please therefore fill the below information. We look forward to hear from you.

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